2015 Important Dates

April 1st - Registration Opens

August 3rd - First day of practice ( no pads)

August 10 - First day of padded practice

August 15 - Coaches can schedule a scrimmage

August 16 - League Smoker

August 22 First league scheduled scrimmage or game

October 10 - Last regular season game

October 11 - Playoff Meeting

October 17 - First round of playoffs or extra game

October 24 - Playoff Semifinals

October 31 - Superbowl at Peteres Township  ( Date may be changed )

Athletic Director Position





Objective: To support the management and coordination of the Lil Macs Football Association.



  • Safety Leader, insure all reasonable levels of safety practices and policies, as well as rules and responsibilities are adhered to by coaches.
  • Obtains field permits
  • Selecting and ordering all components of football equipment and uniforms.
  • Coordinate and manage equipment handout and return process.
  • Attend monthly Board and General Association Meetings.
  • Works with President to schedule field usage reservations through township for practices and games. 
  • Manage the discipline process with and between all parties participating in the Lil Macs Football Association.
  • Supports the Association's fundraising campaign and concessions operations as it pertains to compliance of rules and obligations by football program participants.
  • Vote on appointments of coaches, appointed chairs and matters that come before the Board and General Meetings.
  • Coordinate summer football sessions at McDowell Fields.
  • Liaison with equipment vendors.
  • Assist with McDowell field deliveries.   


Sills Required:


Communications, Interpersonal, General Football Knowledge, Diplomacy, Delegation, organizational, Computer.


Secretary Position





Objective: Responsible for Internal Association communications and historical perspectives of Lil Macs Football Association. 



  • In the absence of the President and Vice President, leads all Board of Director and General Meetings.
  • Documents the proceedings of all official Association Board and General Meetings.
  • Ensures timely and accurate production and distribution of minutes to the Board Members prior to upcoming meetings and makes them generally available to Association members for review, posts minutes to web site.
  • Maintains accurate and updated attendance records for all meetings.
  • Schedules paramedics for all home games.  
  • Works with Coordinators and Treasurer to ensure payment of all fees are paid prior to participation in programs.
  • Supports tournament activities.
  • Attends all Board and General Association Meetings.
  • Supports special fundraising campaigns.
  • Serves as Association Historian for all records, documents, photographs, trophies and other materials of significance.
  • Vote on appointments of coaches, appointed chairs, and matters that come before the Board and General Meetings.
  • Institutes, documents, monitors, and emphasizes best practices throughout the Association in conjunction with the Vice-President.
  • Controller of Lil Mac Facebook site.


Skills Required:

Communication, Interpersonal, Delegation, Organizational, Computer and Media