Coaching is critical to the success of our organization.  We have been very fortunate to have many great coaches step forward to lead our teams both assisting and as head coaches. 

There is always a need and room for more coaching.  If you are interested in coaching, you will need to submit Act 33 Clearance and complete online membership with USA Football for consideration.  As part of your USA Football membership, you will receive certification in tackle or flag football, health and safety training and some insurance for piece of mind.  You will also have access to many training/coaching tools and education programs.

Steps Required To Coach:

USA Football Membership & Certification:

Lil Macs Coaches are eligible for a discounted rate for their membership.  Enter lilmacsCO14 to receive the $10.00 discounted rate ($15.00).  If you have any trouble registering or linking your account to Lil Macs Football, call 877-5-FOOTBALL to reach the team help desk.  You can also refer to the PDF Instructions available in the download section of this page.  All Lil Macs Coaches are encouraged to complete the advanded age based training offer by USA Football.

***** NOTE: You must save your membership certificate as a PDF so that you can upload it as part of the application.  The certificate will show your level of training completd.  You should keep the printed copy in your coaches folder.  You will also need to scan the printed certificate or take a photo of the certificate to be uploaded as part of applying.  A cell phone photo of your computer screen is a safe back-up should you have a problem printing.  The certificate will be valid ONLY for the season/year issued and need to be updated annually.  *****

Obtain Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 33):

  1. Takes approx. 3 weeks.
  2. Download the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance form (CY-113) (Adobe Reader required):    

  3. Complete Section I on that form:Obtain a $10.00 Money Order, payable to DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE (Do not send cash or check).
    • Fill in all requested information (neatly/legibly)
    • Check off "Child Care" as the PURPOSE OF CLEARANCE
    • List all addresses at which you lived since 1975 (to the best of your recollection)
    • List all persons with whom you lived since 1975 (to the best of your recollection)
      • NOTE:  If you are currently 58 or younger, you will need to include your parent(s) and/or guardian(s).   Failure to do so will probably result in your application being returned to you unprocessed!!
  4. Obtain a $10.00 Money Order, payable to DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE (Do not send cash or check).
  5. Send the completed form/money order to:

    Childline and Abuse Registry

    Department of Public Welfare

    P.O. Box 8170

    Harrisburg, Pa 17105-8170

Submit The Coaching Application:

Please click the link below to submit your contact information along with specifying which position you are interested in volunteering for.  You will need to upload the USA Football membership certificate as part of the process which must show a current course completion date.  NO APPLICATIONS will be accepted without this certificate.  Coaching positions will not be awarded without presenting Act 33 clearance to the Lil Macs Football Association board for review.